Who is A.R.

A.R., or Abdulrahman Rafiq runs Inspurate LLC, a California registered Digital Architecture and Media Agency that provided software and graphic design services to entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations.

Prior to Inspurate he was at fortune 500 Cisco Systems where he managed the engineering communication and collaboration strategy for the Signal Integrity model validation and qualification initiative of the Catalyst 6500 product line.

Abdulrahman has held senior Product Management roles at several web and mobile startups in Silicon Valley. Those ranging from a Community Portal called “Wadiwallah”, an online tutoring platform for Standardized Testing called “Seeking Genius”,a mobile commerce platform in the food & hospitality space, to a social/mobile photo sharing platform.

By way of academics, Abdulrahman has  a  Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics from U.C. Santa Barbara and U.C. Riverside, and has taken a series of short Solar Technology courses at Santa Clara University, that is in addition to in-formal degrees in Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Organizations management from the Silicon Valley University of Experience.

A.R. The Service Provider ….

Founder and C.E.O. at Inspurate, a web and mobile technology solutions boutique providing entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools to effectively execute their online business strategy.

Some of our featured corporate clients include:  JS Bank, JS Group, Engro Foods

A.R. The Entrepreneur …


Founder of Rave Pakistan, a first of it’s kind online “urban-guide” and business review website in Pakistan. The site has pages devoted to individual locations, such as restaurants, schools or government institutions, where anyone can submit a review on them. It uses a one to five star rating system, inn addition to writing reviews, users can react to reviews, plan events or discuss their personal lives.

Founder of Pristine Signals, a niche community portal providing Electronic Designers with cloud based engineering automation tools, while at the same time enabling designers to crowdsource rating and review of open source industry standardized simulation models. Pristine Signals was positioned as the Facebook for EDA and Semiconductor professionals.

Co-Founder and Product Specialist at Wadiwallah.com. Wadiwallah was as a platform for the community side of Silicon Valley, allowing Wadiwalleh, or denizens of Silicon Valley, the people who live and work in this loosely-defined area, to be people.

The Silicon Valley is a community of communities; diverse, both in ethnicities and faiths, but also in personalities, technologies (hey! we’re geeks, one and all), and professions, if not industries. But until this point in space-time no one, and I mean no one, has addressed or even attempted to address this group of people–so often talked about as leaders in technology–as a community.

With Wadiwallah.com, we intended to try and change that. We wanted to present a more complete picture of Silicon Wadi society, cultures and life–and, almost more importantly, provide space for Wadiwalleh to be people; a place where they can congregate, across communities, and talk with each other, exchange views, and come together as a larger community–the community of the denizens of Silicon Valley.

A.R. The Professional …

Spent over 10 years at Fortune 500 Cisco Systems, a company that develops technology powering the global marketplace. He was recruited at age 24 to work on developing the hardware for the Cataylst 6500 router and switch, a $4B product. Over the years, he grew from a junior grade PCB design engineer to supporting and managing critical design projects ranging from ASIC package design for the IP Phone, ASIC and FPGAballout optimization process flow, and Signal Integrity simulation and model validation quality control and process automation.


At NDC or the National Data Consultants (Pvt) Ltd I serves as a Product Manager (Consulting Position) for Mobile and Branchless Banking solutions for emerging markets in South Asia, notably Pakistan,

A,R, The Consultant …

This was a sub-contract through ISOE.com for the U.S. Air Force Medical Services’s Future Group in selecting and deploying a communication and content management platform. Abdulrahman supported the project in identifying, testing, and deploying several proprietary and open source platforms – ranging Twiki, MediaWiki, eventually settling on the Confluence Enterprise Wiki platform.

A.R. The Lecturer …

Abdulrahman  has held several roles as a lecturer at the University of California, Riverside and California State University, San Bernardino, and most recently serves as  Visiting Assistant Professor at Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship, and Habib University.

A,R. The Community Organizer …

Abdulrahman has a strong passion for community engagement and has been a committed volunteer to the non-profit community for over 10 years. He has been active in volunteering and supporting grassroots entrepreneurship, emergency disaster relief, K-12 science education outreach, and several philanthropic causes.

Abdulrahman has held several senior roles as part of the Executive Committee since 2004 in Marketing, Event Logistics, Community Outreach, and Mentorship at OPEN Silicon Valley. To date he has organized over 10 world class business and leadership conferences boasting 800 plus participants, with 3 conferences being exclusively tailored to women professionals and entrepreneurs.

In addition, on October 8, 2005, Abdulrahman was the principle founder of South Asia Relief, or SA Relief. The underlying vision of SA Relief was, and continues to be: To create a platform enabling seamless coordination between relief providers and donors for disaster relief management in South Asia. SA Relief is a community driven platform supporting relief work by multiple providers at ground zero. In 2010 SA Relief in collaboration with relief partners in Pakistan raised over $170,000 in relief aid for flood victims.

Abdulrahman has also been involved in K-12 science education outreach. He held key leadership roles at QUEST, an education outreach NSF funded project at the Materials Research Lab at U.C. Santa Barbara.

A.R. The Activist …


With former Governor of Vermont & DNC Chairman Dr. Howard Dean

Abdulrahman supported the National Finance Committee at the DNC for President Barack Obama’s 2008 Election Campaign, he also campaigned for Attorney General Kamala Harris in the 2010 California elections.

Kamal Haris

With the 32nd California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and now the recently elected U.S. Senator from California

Additionally he continues, through multiple social media channels to engage as a political activist and social reformer for sustainable grassroots change around the world.

Abdulrahman can also be found blogging on Socio-Political issues at Siliconstani, and e-picketing on internet censorship issues at Pakistan.Wikia.com.

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