Getting Back to Basics – a call for practicality and pragmatism #AR4Pakl

بنیادی طور پر واپس

Getting Back to Basics

My campaign slogan for AR4Pakistan – a movement is a movement unlike any other to serve the people's most basic needs, no I don't promise Roti, Kapra, Makan nor do I promise Insaaf or anything specific.  My campaign, is a movement based on practicality and pragmatism.

As a nation, and as a people we have become convoluted, and have lost our sense of purpose -running from one sensation to the next without pausing to think. We need to reassess ourselves as a living breathing nation of 220 Million people. People who are flesh and blood, not some statistics on some NADRA computer database۔

My campaign is a campaign for re-aligning a new path for a lost nation. A nation whose foundation has been under continues attack from the getgo.

My campaign is about shifting our nations moral, ethical, emotional and human compass to one of realism. As a nation we need to drop all our ficades and preconceptions of who we think we are, and what we have to offer the world.

It's time to realign and rediscover ourselves. Who are we as a nation? What do we as a nation desire most?

I propose to rebuild our government based on the notion that the citizen comes first. We will work for the people not the people working for its government. My mission is the khush halli of every man, woman and child. I promise to establish a system that ensures no one goes to bed hungry each night, a systems that ensures no one has to ever again sleep on a bare, cold and filthy footpath but instead look forward to a warm and clean bed, with a solid roof and four walls surrounding him/her every night.

We will not tax anyone without due "practical" cause. Citizens will only pay for services they receive and nothing more. If they're unsatisfied they'll get a 100% refund of their tax money, no questions asked.

Your business is your own, your life is your own, no one or institution can and will be able to tell you how to run your business or lead your life. Other than instituting a few basic guidelines to ensure  fairness, equity, equality, within reasonable ethical and moral bounds, you are your own man.

The old days of holding the people hostage to unreasonable taxation and uniformity under the law are long gone.

On education I take Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah's message to heart. For a strong and thriving nation one must focus on educating future generations through a system that delivers and ensures results. Now a days education is merely tick mark, a look good feature on your resume. I believe in delivering a wholesome education to young minds where by they can become active, creative and truly valuable members of society.

It is imperative that every man, woman and child has a sound technical and scientific educational base. For it is through the sciences that one developed a practical and pragmatic approach to life. The sciences, if taught correctly allow for greater out of the box thinking, allow for greater empathy and understanding of the world.

If you believe in Pakistan, if you believe we have lost our purpose then join me. Join me to re-envision a new Pakistan, a nation built to serve it's citizens with no strings attached.

Together let's get back to basics!

Post inspired from a Facebook Question asked by Shahjahan Chaudhary 

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