IT and the critical role it plays for your business

It is appalling how many businesses treat the Information Technology part of their business. More often than not,  despite IT playing a dominant role in the business the IT department is seen as a mere support service rather than as a core business function.

The IT department is no more or no less important than your Accounting Department. In today’s day and age an organization needs IT to survive. Every department within the organization relies on the IT department.

Just because you’re business isn’t a a technology business it doesn’t mean IT is unimportant.

By IT or Information Technology I’m referring to everything from the Hardware to Software that keeps your company’s websites, accounting software, inventory softwares, emails working.

Take the company website for example: Design and Development is only the first phase. There’s the ongoing upkeep and maintenance that includes periodic Software updates, ongoing virus and malware checks to protect the site from hacking and melicious attacks that could compromise your company brand, user interface updates to meet customer demand, and more over ensuring customers get the most current content that keeps them coming back for more.

The website is the gateway to your company that customers see. It’s as important as keeping the company’s physical entrance orderly and presentable.  The company website is like a living breathing organism that needs constant nurturing.

Don’t cut corners, allocate a portion of your budget to IT.

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