The New Hire

With immense trepidation I gear up to invite a new employee into my company inspurate, I’ve met the candidate more than once, he has the necessary technical skills and acumen. More over he seems to have the right attitude.

Welcoming a new employee onboard is a time of great excitement, though yet concerning as you tend to second guess yourself and your decision wondering if this was the right time to hire a new employee, will this employee be able to step up to the plate and deliver?

It’s important to continue to hire new blood into the company both from practical standpoint and cultural one. It is your hope that this new employee will help you scale that one business strategy that will boost the company to an all new level playing field.

The first day and week are the most critical for a new employee. Setting levels of expectations, communicating the company culture, re-affirming company policy and rules amongst all your employees, and re-affirming work flow processes.

New blood always comes with new ideas and perspectives, that can add a positive impact to the business overall. The task of a successful manager is to identify those ideas and seamlessly incorporate into your company culture.

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