Bin Laden: End Of An Era

Osama Bin Laden is finally dead and buried. Aside from the manner in which he was taken out, it’s imperative that we move on to more pressing issue. In American the Clear and Present Challenge is putting millions of American’s back to work.

The Obama Administration has got to realign it’s priorities:  Moving away from expensive wars to proactive promotion of mass job creation programs across all sectors of the Economy, supporting Entrepreneurs both at home and abroad with incentives to innovate and forge Global partnerships.

America was built upon a dream, a dream that all men are created equal under God, and are indivisible, with equity and justice for all. That dream now is looking more and more like a dimming beacon in the distant horizon. Ordinary Americans are bogged down with the rising cost of living. Across the country small and medium businesses are suffering, despite popular Washington lore, small town American has not weathered well through the current recession.

What America needs is to renew former Great Depression Government Programs that employed thousands of ordinary people and simultaneously contributed to the National Knowledge Reserve, and development of the National Infrastructure.

For example during the Great Depression unemployed Mathematicians and Physicists were put to work to solve fundamental theoretical problems. As a result today we have valuable resources such as: The CRC Handbook for Scientists and Engineers, and an update to the extensive Table of Integrals that are used by millions of Engineers and Scientists around the world. Not forgetting the construction of the Inter-State highway system, Golden Gate and Bay Bridges in San Francisco which had an significant impact for years to come.

In Pakistan, we need to move on, set aside our differences, take lesson from past mistakes and proactively work towards alleviating the common man’s burden.

The common man in Pakistan has similar concerns as Americans, though at an even more basic level – i.e. survival and providing ROTI( food), KAPRA (clothing), MAKKAN (housing), and TALEEM (Education) to his or her family, in a safe and secure environment.

Pakistanis are a highly innovative and Entrepreneurial people. Given the right breaks and appropriate partnerships Pakistanis can prove to be a valuable Global Asset Class.

Bin Laden is dead, lets now kill the poisonous ideology he and several other groups have been promoting within Pakistan and around the world, not with the Gun but with the Pen and intellect.

Osama Bin Laden’s death is a turning point in the world, bringing an end to an era that began circa 1977 with the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

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