Foodies Go Mobile

The world of mobile is fast becoming a norm. You have mobile applications for almost every facet of life. From calculating currency exchange rates to ordering a meal on the go. The mobile device has become an essential ingredient to life.

There are those that would argue that increased accessibility and mobility is destroying the quality of life as we know it. But then their were similar arguments from critics at the advent of Radio and Television. That said my intent of this post isn’t to argue the pros and cons of technology.

Here I present and discuss a few up and coming mobile applications and services that are poised to having a disruptive impact on how society approach Take-Out.  Until very recently I was offering my  consulting services to a stealth startup in the Mobile Ordering and Payment space, called Mx for the purposes of this blog post. Mx was initially beta tested at the Los Angeles Colosseum in 2007. It presented a compelling business model that enabled a full ordering and payment mechanism, with a full user to vendor talk back feature.

The applications I am going to discuss today, aren’t no where near what Mx was offering, however a hybrid of features from each of the following startups would most definitely come out as a killer App in the Take-Out space.

Order Mapper ( has created a sophisticated ordering platform capable of processing orders from any internet-connected device, delivering them via phone, fax, e-mail or direct to a POS, and updating the ordering device in real-time. Here are just some of the technologies which make this possible. Order Mapper is a funded by Twillio Micro Fund! A Dave McClure early stage angel investment firm.

Naan Map ( Is a niche market restaurant finder that was established in 2005. The application is heading up for tough competition with Zabihah ( that has been operating in similar niche markets for well over a decade.

Food2go ( Proposes a “hassle free” ordering mechanism. It is a one way ordering mechanism. Unlike Order Mapper, Food2Go does not provide online payment features.


Zabihah ( As I mentioned above, Zabihah has been around for well over a decade catering to a niche market. Zabihah offers a vast database of ethnic eateries in the U.S. and Europe. Most recently they launched their mobile service that has enabled users to easily search for restaurants while on the go.



Order Topia ( is the tip of the iceberg. Order Topia boosts a compelling mobile application. Order Topia offers the full gambit of features from searching for a restaurant, browsing a menu. submitting, and finally paying for an order. In essence the mobile device is converted to an ordering and payment terminal. Watch a video demo here.

iConcessionStand ( is introducing a new way to shop and pay for products on mobile devices at live events such as ball games.

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