Happy Independence Day

Happy independence Day!


Cloud cover over Peninsula from Dunbarton Bridge, Fremont, California

Happy independence of mind, body and spirit — be it the 4th of July, 14th of August, 15th of August, 26th of March, etc — independence day commemorates a turning point for mankind. A day when groups of people declared with one voice, one focus and a united heart to change the status quo.

Independence day is a state of being and mind. It is a day when people decide to expand their horizon beyond the realm of the known and beyond societal norms.

From that state whole new nations were born around the world. From that state new companies were founded, cutting edge technological breakthroughs were made, new religions were born.

Independence Day is a day when the perspective of a few became the perspective of the many, thus establishing new societal norms.

Today we don’t just celebrate the 236th Independence Day of  the United States of America, but we celebrate the evolution of a people from one state of mind and being to another.


Independence of mind, body, and spirit.

Today is a day we celebrate the power of human ingenuity.

Today is a day when the intellect and the human heart united to break the shackles of tyranny and oppression.

Independence Day are days in history when humanity went the whole nine-yards to to bring about constructive disruption in society.

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