Mobile Asia – Observations From My Travels

Hong Kong to Pakistan, mobile devices are the norm. Step in and out of trains, cable cars, ferries, and planes every second person is seen with some sort of mobile device. Ranging from the globally recognized brands — the likes of Apple, Samsung, and HTC to not so well known brands such as QMobile and Huawei. Yes, that’s the infamous Huawei which in some circles is known as earning it’s initial market share by piggy backing upon Cisco, as it rose to becoming a leader in the networking and telco space, and now fast coming out as one of the market leaders in mobile devices.

Riding the Hong Kong subway system as a tourist it’s intriguing to find the varied applications users have on their devices. From SMS and social media apps catering to the local Chinese culture, where through touch users communicate by drawing Chinese characters at lightening speeds – chatting with peers at even faster uninterrupted data rates that many a times aren’t possible in the U.S. where signal degradation or drops are common place, especially in large urban areas.

The predominant mobile  brands in Asia are Samsung and HTC in Hong Kong. Other brands such as QMobile are fast becoming popular in lesser affluent developing nations such as Pakistan. For around 30 USD you can get a dual core, Samsung Galaxy look-a-like. With some capable of holding dual SIMS cards. Miles ahead from what Apple offers on it’s iPhone!

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