On Outsourcing & Democrats Misplaced Criticism

Although I support the Democrat platform and have campaigned for President Obama, I do not agree with the Democrats attack and misplaced criticism towards outsourcing, as explicitly depicted in attack advertisements against Mitt Romney. It is not as evil as the Obama Campaign is making it out to appear. Outsourcing within moderation is a valuable tool for any small business owner or entrepreneur.

There is nothing wrong in outsourcing menial work abroad, it actually helps Americas small business sector in becoming more productive, competitive and profitable. In turn enabling them to create more high paying jobs in the United States.

Small businesses are the backbone to the American economy. Democrats and the Obama Administration claim to support small businesses yet to date have acted as advocates for big business and Cooperate America. Not to mention the Obama Administrations poster Jobs zhar who heads up General Electric (GE) has used outsourcing to GEs advantage. More on GE and outsourcing jobs.

Indeed, it is true the Obama Administration has given tax cuts to small business and have encouraged their growth, however the support has been minuscule and to some degree short lived.

Case-in-Point: take the recent import tariffs imposed on Chinese Solar Panels. The move is counter productive and only helps the big Solar panel manufacturers and not the large number of the America Solar Installers, most of whom are small business struggling to keep afloat in these recessionary times. There competitiveness depend on low cost Solar Modules from China, however with the newly instated import tariffs many Solar business may end up shuttering down. More on impact of US Import Tariffs on Solar here.

Democrats need to realize without the ability to outsource Americas small business sector is doomed to failure. The America that was built by small business entrepreneurs will not survive if restrictions on outsourcing are imposed. Business, small or big demands space in a borderless world to operate.

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