Technology: To Ends, or To Means?

All to often policy makers, bureaucrats, and technologist make the mistake of  perceiving technology as the solution to all vices, not realizing that technology alone will not help in their quest to achieving nirvana.

It’s understandable when technologists from the High-Tech capital, Silicon Valley look upon technology as the one stop solution to all of humanities problems, after all Silicon Valley techies live, breath, eat, and drink technology day-in and day-out. However, it’s  quite shocking when policy makers, government officials, Ivy League MBA graduates and many a times entrepreneurs are found evangelizing technology solutions as the ultimate solution to everything, and forget the human aspect of the problem they are attempting to solve.

I admit,  early in my career, as a Silicon Valley Technologists I to would look upon technology as a one stop shop — an Ends to a Means. However, I realized, or rather was made to realize early that just because it exists, it doesn’t mean it’s got to be used. Technology, as I have come to learn  and accept, is nothing but a means to an end.

Technology solutions are mere tools that enables drivers — policy makers, business professionals, Entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats to be drivers, and find solutions to issues faced at their organization or country.

Technologists, whether at fortune 500 corporations, or fledgling startups in some remote corner of the globe know only one thing, and that is how to create kick-ass products, it’s up to the world  (the client) to find a use for it — though nothing  stopping the technologists from suggesting use case scenarios as guide posts.

Just because a technology solution exists, it does not mean it should or can be used. Users of technology need to be mindful of the problem their solving, identify the requirements and then go and look for, or if needed develop the specific technology application.


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