The Community Side Of Silicon Valley

People being people on a beautiful Friday evening. From Engineers to Corporate Executives to Startup entrepreneurs. Comes the weekend – life in the cubicle and board rooms seizes – people of Silicon Valley venture out scoping the social scene.

Walking the streets of Downtown Palo Alto one finds people – families, children, husbands, wives, girl friends, boy friends, one night stand candidates – all living in the moment, setting aside personal and business related stuff.

The Valley isn’t just the technology mecca of the world. It’s uniqueness resides with the people – a diverse community flocked to this tiny spot on the planet with dreams of hitting the jackpot making some technology product or the other.

The weekend is one of the few moments Valley denizens get to flex social skills – whether attached or unattached – man or woman – each is seen trying hard, fast and loose to stand out to the opposite sex

You see people of all ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds -Muslims, Jews, Indians, Street Musicians, Indie Artists, cute puppies – you name it the streets of downtown Silicon Valley -Palo Alto to Mountain View are abuzz with life.

This is when techies, corporate guys and gals stop living their job and become living, breathing social beings — savoring the moment as if there’s no tomorrow, or no yesterday.


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